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About us

Started in 2015 AUM shares the vision of "Developing Happy community through Arts". Our vision is to promote happiness to the community through Social, Intellectual, Mental, Physical learning (SIMPLe) through arts. We would like to be the launch pad for passionate artists to be able to develop a successful career.

About mARkeT (Art Market)

3 days a week and 3 hours each day, we will be opening up our arts studio located across blue harbor resort to for passionate small/home based entrepreneurs or talented people with ideas requiring platform and exposure to make their concept into a products/service.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is interested in selling a product or service that promotes community wellbeing and happiness without negatively impacting the environment.

How this works?

Its pretty simple. You share our product/service idea with us  and if that aligns with our vision, we will,

  1. Provide space for you in the art market

  2. Promote it in our webpage, social media and to the local communities that we are partnering with

  3. Provide with all supporting infrastructure for you to make and record the sale

  4. Enable you to sell your products using our brand

  5. Support you in designing your marketing materials (banners, cards etc)

What's in it for you?

  1. You take 90% of the sale price of your product/service

  2. With no capital investment you will still get the complete infrastructure to sell your product/service

  3. You will have prime space located across blue harbor to promote your product/service

  4. You will receive flawless support for marketing your brand/product/service

  5. Above all, you will have the platform to try your passion with minimal investment risk

What's in it for us?

  1. Satisfaction of promoting products/service that has positive impact on the society

  2. 10% of the sale to continue our service and be the platform for your growth

More information on the partnership

  1. The business/ concept should be art themed (Examples include but not limited to Dance/workout service, Retail products, DIY digital platform etc)

  2. Must be a small business withgross sales of less than $25k

  3. Must be passionate and possess entrepreneurial spirit

  4. Should always be willing to learn and continually improve themselves

  5. The products or service should have a positive or neutral impact on the society

  6. Multiple entities including Blue Harbor has listed us as one of the top attractions in Sheboygan and we expect you to be able to provide a gracious experience to our visitors and members

Interested? Please fill out the form below

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Questions?   Email us: inspire@aumsynergy.com            Call us: 503 333 9860